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The e-shop CERTEC is a website accessible by Internet to the adress It is open to every user. It is produce by M. Stéphane JARICOT with the name SARL CERTEC registred to the Registry of Trade and Companies of Lyon under the number Siren 325 60 088 00026. The website allow the SARL CERTEC to sell product to Internet users which surf on the website. The customer beforehand his order, declare that to have a full juridic capacity, which allowed to make a commitment to this terms and conditions. Every order of our product supposed the consultation and the expresse acceptation of this terms and conditions, without condition of handwritten signature (article 1316 to article 1316-4 of Civil Code, decree n°2001-272). The user can to print and save this terms and conditions without change them.

1. Object.
This sell conditions are written to inform users on terms and conditions about selling and delivery and define rights and obligations of every stakeholder. It applies, without reserve, to every oder. The SARL CERTEC reserves the right to modify this terms ans conditions. In this case, the applicable terms are them in force at the date of the order.

2. Product and price.
2.1 Product.
In accordance with the article L. 111-1 of the consumption code, the user can, befor his order, know principal characteristic of products that he wants to buy. The offer is available within the limits of available stocks. The society reserve the right to modify the offer contingent on suppliers constraint. Photography and descriptions are just indicative but they don't engage the seller.
2.2 Price.
Prices are indicated in euros. They are in operation at the moment of the recording of the order form. Prices includ postage and packing for France. For the European Union, there is a package price of 10 euros to add to prices. For the international, please contact us. Prices are posted TTC (all taxes included) because the society is submissive to the VAT (Value Added Tax) 20% (FR 91 352 600 088). Every modification will be reflected on prices. Prices can be modify by the company at avery moment. This modification will be indicate to the buyer before every order.

3. Taking down and validation of the order.
3.1 Navigation on our website.
The user can navigate freely o our website without engage an order. He is responsible of every telecomunication costs for the Internet and the use of the website.
3.2 Order.
Every order supposed the adherence without reserves to this terms and conditions. From the moment the buyer has take the order, he is engaged to accept terms and conditions, prices, volumes... At every moment, the customer can: - see a summary of the main product that he have select or modify his order (clik on "Shopping basket"). - to end the order clik on "confirm order". A summary of the order will appear on screan.
3.3 Final validation of the order.
When the customer finished to order, he have to clik on "confirm order", to choice the payment medium. The sale will be considerate as definitive just before the sending to the buyer the order confirmation by the CERTEC company. The CERTEC company advise customers to conserv this informations on a paper or informatics. Every fraudulent order or considered like that, will be consider null and avoid.

4. Payment.
The payment have to be realised at the order by the buyer. Without payment, no goods will be send. Every order are due in euro. The CERTEC company reserve the right to suspend or to cancel the order, in case of no-payment or dispute with the customer. For every payment, the CERTEC company reserve the right to ask a photocopy of the identity card oh the customer. To pay his order, the customer can use various method of payment: transfer/wire payment, cheque (only France) and credit card via a secure module "E-transaction" of the bank Crédit Agricole.

- Transfer payment:
Thank to note the number of the order concerned. The CERTEC company will send products as soon as the payment will be received. SARL CERTEC 257 Route du Bourg 69210 SOURCIEUX-LES-MINES RIB: 17806 00486 58616117000 43 IBAN: FR76 1780 6004 8658 6161 1700 43 Domiciliation: La Tour Salvagny (00486) BIC: AGRIFRPP878 -Cheque (France only): Make the cheque payable to SARL CERTEC. Adress: 257 Route du bourg 69210 SOURCIEUX-LES-MINES (FRANCE). Thank to note the number of the order concerned. The cancellation of the order is possible before the shipment of the cheque (e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

- Credit card:
The payment by credit card is accept with secure module "E-transaction" of the bank Crédit Agricole.

5. Product choice.
The buyer which know products and characteristics, take the responsability of the choice of products. It belong to the buyer, if he is not enough comptent, to ask advice.

6. Delivery and reception.
6.1 General rules.
Products are delivered to the adresse pointed by the customer. By default, the invoice is send on the email adress put by the customer during the inscription. Default of proceedings' respect, no claim will be valid.
6.2 Delay.
Every parcel of less than 1kg (except gaz cartage) will be send by La Poste (France). Delays and lateness are not of our responsability. Every parcel of more than 1kg or containing gaz cartage will be send by a carrier. The delivery time is 24/48 hours for France (except Corse and Bretagne 48/72 hours), is excluding of this time the time for manufacturing. For Europe, it is minimum 3 days. International: variable according to country. Every overunning of delays indicat of the product description can not to cause damages or cancellation of order
6.3 Conditions and delivery tracking.
For every order deliverable in France (more than 15€ including VAT), the delivery is free. European Union: a package participation is to added to the order (see "Select Shipment"). International: please contact us by mail or by phone (delivery costs are various according to product, quantity and country).
6.4 Product unavailability.
Products are not all in stock, the company hire to inform the customer about delivery time the more reliable as possible. Average manufacturing time (lifejackets, fenders, buoys, bags : 3/4 weeks after reception of our order and payment). Spare parts : in storage (excepting supplying delays).
6.5 Products return.
In accordance with the article L. 121-20 of the consumption code, the buyer have a delay of 14 clear days as from the reception date, for to return the product (return paid for by the customer) for to cash in. Products have to be return to the CERTEC company in a perfect condition of resale, in the origin condition (packaging, accessories, instructions...) duly sealed. When a customer return products, the responsability for th risk bound to the return is take by the customer. If the return conditions are fulfilling, the CERTEC company will change the product or will refund the price of the product (excluding transport cost). WARNING : are excluded of this return conditions all personnalized products which can not be returned.

7. Property reserve.
The CERTEC company conserv the full property of products until the collection.

8. Responsability.
The CERTEC company can not be responsible of the contract non-performance in case of stock break or unavailability in cas of force majeure, disturbance or strike (in postal service, transport or communication). The website contain informations which come from third party and links for other websites. The CERTEC Company is not responsible of the use, the access or the inability of this informations.

9. Partial disability.
If one or various specifications of this terms and conditions are disable, the others will keep their force and their range.

10. Informatic and freedom.
10.1. Personal informations.
Information collected in the occasion of online shop is compulsory, this informations are necessary for the treatment, the delivery of orders and for invoices. This informations are purely confidential. Without informations, the order will be rejected automatically. The customer can to reach to his informations. He can modify or to delete them (contact us by mail or letter).
10.2. Cookies.
The CERTEC Company reservs the right to establish cookies on customer's computer. It don't let to identify the customer but to point a visit on our website. They are just use to personalize our services.

11. Intellectual property.
Every component of the website is the intellectual property of the CERTEC Comany. Nobody is allowed to reproduce, exploit or use component of the website (software, visual or sound).


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